Wool is cool


People were using wool as clothing material since the Stone Age because of it’s various advantages. Wool is absorbing water vapor when humidity rises and falls, that is the reason why it works like a natural insulator. Wool can also serve as a UV protector. Since it’s a natural fabric, it’s in harmony body mechanisms and it isn’t causing allergies. It absorbs moisture and keeps skin dry. Wool lasts very long, much more than cotton or other material, and it is comparatively stronger than steel. The biggest wool producer in the world is Australia; on the second place is China.

Using wool is environmentally friendly because it is reusable and biodegradable.Once a year sheep must be sheared anyway and the most important thing is that there are no killings or victims in order to take something useful from animals as usual. Besides clothing, wool can be used to replace insulation, which causes much less energy consumption. It is also sound proof and fire resistant. One sheared sheep can bring you 5 new sweaters or 70 pairs of socks.

Wool is organic only when it has 5% or less of added materials and when pesticides are not used. Of course, nothing in this world is 100% good or bad, there are some negative sides of having sheep and producing wool such as mass methane production of agriculture that is released to the air. Also, wool needs a lot of water to be cleaned after it’s sheared before it’s ready to use. However, if we already have those amounts of sheep, let’s take the best out of them.

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5 thoughts on “Wool is cool

    1. To be honest , I was very surprised by those facts while I was doing the research. Even though I have my own sheep I didn’t know that wool has so many advantages. Now I will love them even more, lol 😀

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  1. Thanks so much for liking one of my posts! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stumbled across your blog. I’m very passionate about protecting our planet, through fashion and every other aspect of life.

    I really love the information on wool here. I have sensitive skin, and I didn’t even think about selecting wool as an allergen-free fabric. Maybe that’s part of why I love wool coats. Become Nika is a seriously cool blog, and I will definitely be stopping by often.

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