For someone old fashioned like me, who likes to use pen and paper I am finding really hard to type on the computer as a way to share my information with you. However if we want to be sustainable we need to get used to things that we may not find always practical.  The question is what is more sustainable? Writing or typing? For writing we need a pen and paper that is made out of trees and certainly doesn’t sound ecological at all. But if you look closely, computer, phone and other gadgets need up to 1000 years to break. But since almost everyone has a computer nowadays it is nonsense to use both non-ecological things, so use only one – the computer. If you don’t have one, use a pen and paper but in that case you will not read this blog probably ever.

Back to the blog. This blog is mainly about ecology. Fashion and meaningful images are the first things that will stick to your eyes, but that is the point, no? It is hard to grab people’s attention who are not interested in certain topics as in this case ecology is, therefore people use different ways to promote their subject mostly using nudity, powerful images and even using things to be considered as deviant art. In this case the mainstream is fashion, which I have used as my weapon for grabbing attention.


This blog will promote and lead you to ecological brands and actions. This blog will teach you about ecology and the importance of being environmental friendly today.

From this blog you can expect lots of interesting texts and facts about ecology, easy ways of showing that everyone can bring a little contribution to the environment daily, things that you may not know, and hot topics about our planet such as: pollution, endangered species and dangers that new technology causes. Today is nearly impossible to live totally environmental friendly and nobody expects that from us, but we can contribute as much as we can and that is enough to make a balance and reduce the pollution using very common words in practice: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Later in this blog there will be examples, there will be a word about clothing and cosmetic brands, about hot topics about environmental issues as I mentioned before, as well as taking actions and challenges. I will try my best to bring you this subject closer trough different stories, interesting facts and artistic images.

There are dozens of ways to contribute to the environment and this blog will show you how. I am doing researches in order to share you the information at one place and to make you this topic more interesting and closer. In the next chapter “One step forward, two step backwards” I am explaining why ecology as a subject and why it should be the hottest topic above all to speak about.

Word about the author.

Why Become Nika? Well I was playing with words a little bit, word “become” contains two important words in it, which are “be” and “eco”, and NIKA is an abbreviation from my name – Katarina Nikolic. NIKA in this blog is a role model that gives an effort of showing the whole concept of what “eco friendly” is and why is it important. I am from Belgrade, Serbia, a small country that is situated in Southeast Europe, or should I better explain it if I just say ” the birthplace of Novak Djokovic”? 🙂 Here I finished High School for Photography.  Afterwards I went to Switzerland were I was studying hospitality and event management and gained a Bachelor Degree. Currently I work within my family’s business, which is, wine making and wine tourism.  (Instagram profile: @vineyards_nikolic, facebook profile:🙂 Cooking, traveling, fashion, ecology, photography are topics that I’m interested in and there will be a word about all of them.

Specifically I’m interested in ecology since 2011 when I had my first ecology action and research. My mother is an Sanitary- Ecological Engineer and this whole blog was actually her idea, she is helping me a lot with the material so there will be also some links that will lead you to her own researches, but I will try to make it simple. My best friend Dušan Tepavčević is making all the nice pictures and videos of this blog and half of the ideas that you will see are his work. 🙂 You can contact him through his e-mail:

Let’s make this planet a better place together.


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  1. GREAT GOALS and ideas. looking forward to reading more now that I just found your page. I love when people are excited about their life around them, and WHAT they CAN do- How they can perceive it, and The GREATNESS they have in it that can bring on Lots of GREAT changes. be well, and hope this journey is a lot of fun and stays exciting for you!!! Thanks for everything you are doing for the planet! an unknown friend, momentummikey 🙂 🙂

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  2. I like how you mix ecology with other interests, so it’s more personal and connects different ideas. You show yourself, not generic person. I don’t follow blogs, I bookmark them for when feeling better (I have severe multiple chemical sensitivity and Lyme disease). I wondered if you ever write about eco-friendly clothing? is my favorite but Rawganique in Canada is good and etsy often has organic or upcycled clothing.

    Pesticides are used a lot more for cotton than food! And there’s the child labor issues. You have a real eye for fashion so I thought you might find some cool stuff.

    You’re bookmarked! And I already wear the mask the 4 times a year I leave my room to see a doctor – and I’m in rural beautiful Vermont USA.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I am glad you like my ideas, of course there will be word about fashion industry, organic cotton and sustainable products but first I want to speak about the environment and introduce people with issues and benefits. I’m new here started 5 days ago and hope I will meet your expectations in future. Sorry to hear for your health problems, you found a good way to redirect your energy. Greetings from Serbia

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  3. Greetings from Canada 🙂 Love your blog ! We are all responsible for keeping this beautiful planet alive and well 🙂 Touching on fashion the same way, I feel eco-friendly is a good place to start ; choosing “not to kill” endangered species for the sake of “owning” a brand. It’s the little things that matter in the long run ! All my best to you 🙂

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  4. Dear Katarina,
    I read about you in 24 Sata, and I am very happy that someone like you in the small country like Serbia starting this Eco Blog. I am assuming you already know that apparel industry is second largest polluter on the planet, behind oil industry. There are many brands around the world becoming more aware about their role in polluting process, and they are trying to change their operation and their products, in order to be more sustainable. The Scandinavian countries are the leaders in this moment. Please check Philippa K, brand from Stockholm. Also, you should read more about Petra Kelly, German Green politician and activist, one of the founders of the German Green Party. Her work is very inspirational. Green is the future and there is no alternative! Best from New York

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    1. Thank you. I am glad that my project reached you and that you like it. Just started my Twitter account and found a lot of influencers there in this field of study, so I will check for those names also. 🙂


  5. What the naysayers say re ecology is proof of their head in the sand “thinking.” Even if we, who are concerned about Earth’s fragile environment, were to be proven wrong… which we won’t be… what’s the harm in “erring” on the side of precaution?

    Playing it safe would be a win-win scenario for, in the end, we’d wind up with a cleaner, healthier world. And it would not be “the end”. It would be a new beginning.

    Thank you for liking my Talking Trash… E-Trash blog. I invite you to read more of my posts… in particular those filed under my Ecology 101 and Poetry categories. I’ll be following your blog.

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