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It has been a while since I didn’t post anything, that is because I was working a little bit on the concept of my project. So I decided to switch from blog to vlog after consulting few of my friends…. So here you can find my first video and let me know what you prefer more.

Thank you!

Crazy floods nowadays


Floods happen for several reasons – rivers overflowing their banks, due to excessive rains, ice melting in the mountains, etc….. And the reason why floods happen so often is because of the climate changes.

We are witnesses of most frequent floods that are happening everywhere in the world at the moment more than ever before due to the climate changes. In the USA, in every single state there are floods happening during a year, and what about Europe? Britain? In my country (Serbia) this year was the second time in past 2 years that emergency was declared. Hundreds of people were been forced to evacuate, not to mention the economical, environmental  and health impacts floods are causing.

During floods, roads, bridges, farms, houses and automobiles are destroyed. People become homeless or even get killed, as well as animals, which ruins the local ecosystem. Environment suffers by hazardous and other chemical substances ending up in water.


What to do if you face the flood? Before…During….And after.

  •  If you are facing the flood the best option is to go to the highest ground of floor in your house and wait for help.
  • Disinfect your skin if it comes in contact with contaminated water in order to avoid any health issues or diseases and infections.
  • If you are living in risky flood areas, have a first aid kit prepared which contains radio, water, canned food, warm clothing, battery lamp, protective clothing, even a life belt if you have. Have a safe place for your valuables so they don’t get destroyed during the floods. Plant trees and bushes around your property as vegetation controls erosion and lowers the speed of floods.
  • As you see that level of water raises be quick and evacuate yourself and others around as fast as you can because flash floods occur in minutes. Turn of all electrical devices, gas, heating systems, etc. It is important to always stay away from power lines.
  • Don’t use your car during floods, even little amount of moving water can sweep them away.
  • After the floods it is important to get permission to go back to your house. You have to clean your house properly to remove all contaminated material (wear a gasmask). Make sure you make photos of all the damages in order to get insurance.


To enter or not?

Consider entering flood water  to help others, only if:

  • water is no more than 10cm deep
  • water is not moving
  • there is hard surface underneath – tarmac/concrete but not grass
  • you can see the surface beneath the water

You never know what is under the deep and dirty water, you can injure yourself badly.


What can we do about it?

Beside reducing pollution, since this crazy floods recently occurred mostly because of climate changes, we as individuals cannot do anything  about it. However,  floods can be prevented on governmental level.

Things that can be done to prevent serious damages caused by floods are: building defense walls by placing sand bags into critical areas or building retaining walls, which hold extra water during flooding. Town planning plays a big role in this, people should make sure to get permission before building to keep waterways not blocked. Also all drainage systems should be covered to be kept safe from other objects and litter. This way water can run trough and minimize any chances of town flooding. New land development can be risky if the construction changers natural runoff paths. As mentioned above vegetation is also important because it protects land from erosion by moving water. Detention basin
are small reservoirs connected to waterways which provide a temporary storage for flood water. So when floods occur, water is first drained into the basin giving people more time for evacuation.


Did you know?

  • 2/3 of those who die in floods are considered to be good swimmers
  • 32% of flood-related deaths are by drowning in a vehicle
  • If the speed of the flood water doubles the force it exerts on you/your car is quadrupled
  • Just 15cm (6 inches) of fast flowing water can knock you off your feet and be enough for you to be unable to regain your footing.
  • Just 30cm of flowing water could be enough to move the average family car
There is also something good about floods, especially those that occur in farm fields. Floodwaters carry lots of nutrients that are deposited in the plains. Farmers love such soils, as they are perfect for cultivating some kinds of crops.


Useful sources and references:




Are people really the most intelligent species in the world as they claim? More intelligent than animals and their predecessors?

profil intelligence

Human beings consider to be the most intelligent species in this world. I would say in theory yes, but if you look on practical examples….Humanity, you failed.

Massive deforestation in order to make space for plantations making palm oil we use in our everyday products. The fastest way is to cut and burn which produces enormous carbon dioxide released to the air. This is stupid in many ways. Firstly because trees are taking carbon dioxide from the air and storing them forever releasing oxygen. Secondly, when you cut or burn those trees, all that carbon dioxide stored for years in those trees is released.  And last but not least, smog that is the product of burning produces carbon dioxide and pollutes additionally the air. So the amount of carbon dioxide is doubled.  Smart,no?



Then comes the water pollution… Seems like animals were not using objects on those pictures and left all the garbage behind themselves. Nature also didn’t… So who did? Maybe the most intelligent species, who knows…

oceans-trash-water-1_80621_990x742oceanicdumpwater pollution

Industry waste


Landfills seem to have the same situation. Is that a zebra driving that dredge behind? 80% of waste in this world is recyclable so I don’t understand why smart species choose this kind of options…



So, the questions is why the smartest species destroy homes of less smart species? Is that a proof of intelligence? These animals lost their natural habitats for no reason. Ok, there was a reason – to serve people’s egoistic wants (not needs), but that part we can skip as always. Look deeply inside the eyes of those animals and tell me what you see. They lost their homes and it’s not their fault. When we lose our homes, it will be completely our fault.





Injured orangutan due to the burn of rain forests

Endangered species Radiated tortoise with destroyed habitat in Madagascar



So world, beyond you can see animals, species that are less intelligent than we are. After  this text I see judgment in eyes of this monkey. They are not smart enough to make money, use natural resources for their selfish needs, kill for additional penny. They are smart enough to know how to show love and humanity, that we once used to know.

Between themselves…..


….and others….



Even this tree now looks smarter after those pictures,no? Trees take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into oxygen, more practical than any factory I can think of. And it’s created by nature.



*All pics are taken from google images



Air pollution

Why the mask? The air is everywhere around, we can’t hide from it or avoid it. It is the number one living “tool”. And guess what? It’s polluted like crazy. And if we don’t change something, everybody will wear masks eventually. Considering that, gas mask industry will grow rapidly in the eyes of moneymakers.

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One step forward, two steps backwards

In the nature of human beings is to react when it’s already too late. For example, sometimes we do things for which we know that they’re not good for our health, but we continue doing them thinking the problem won’t hit us, it always hits someone else. Until it hits you. And what then? The problem already occurred and it’s already late to fix it. Now you have to make twice more effort just to go back to your normal condition, instead of just respecting your health and reducing the harm.

It is same with our planet. It seems that we will start to act and understand the problem of pollution when it’s too late, when next generations will wear gas masks on the streets on regular basis. It’s already happening in China and it will come soon to all parts over the world, mainly because we all pollute this world like crazy and partly because China is replacing their industry wherever it can. They already bought a lot of land in my country (Serbia) in the industrial area, because our current politicians will sell even their souls to get an extra coin and there are a lot of countries out there with politicians like that. Usually those types of countries don’t have any rules and regulations about recycling, ecology or anything with that topic on governmental level. Beautiful opportunity for some more unsupervised sources of pollution.

Well there is a red light, this is the last opportunity folks, to contribute on daily basis, to help this planet and to save our souls and make a safe place for future generations, for our kids. Only together we can make a trace and a result.  But there are few problems we are facing:

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